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(KUTV) A special task for with the Utah Attorney General’s Office said they have busted a substantial fake ID mill in West Valley City. {}The SECURE Task Force, which deals with felony cases surrounding undocumented immigrants in the State of Utah, has been working on a months-long investigation into Martin Ramirez-Villa, who lives at about 3900 S. 6100 W. {}Investigators say he has been selling fake drivers licenses, Social Security cards, and green cards for several months.{} Police arrested him Tuesday after setting up a sting with him. {}Later, SECURE executed a search warrant on the home he lives in with several other people. Investigators say they discovered computers and other materials used in the making of fake IDs. {}Police say undocumented immigrants primarily use the ID to get jobs at U.S. companies, but admit sometimes fake IDs are used in human smuggling and trafficking.Ramirez-Villa, who has previously been deported four times, is behind bars at the Salt Lake County Jail. He faces six counts of possession of forged writing.

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